Talven lumikinosten keskellä on mukava skräpätä kesäisistä asioista. Kuten viinimarjojen poimimisesta mummolassa.
Valokuva on mielestäni yksi viime kesän parhaista:

In the middle of the cold winter it's nice to look back at the past summer. This lay-out documented the feelings of a berry picking afternoon at Grandma's.

Title: Hide and Seek
Journaling: In August the the berry bushes were full of delicious red, black and white currants. You hesitated to taste them but realized that they were really good!
You wanted to do your share in the berry picking but I think most of the berries disappeared in your mouth and did not end up in the berry basket. The bushes were much higher than you and it felt like we were playing hide and seek.